Example Print Prices

Please note these are just example prices, other sizes, either smaller or larger are possible.

Contact Phil for Quote.

Prints on paper in a card mount range from 50 (30cm x 20cm - including mount)  up to 150 (100cm x 75cm including mount)

The most popular size is approximately 50cm (20") x 40cm (16") =  60

The  proportions of an image may vary depending on the proportions of the original painting

 It is sometimes possibly for Phil to "tweak" or crop some images so as to better fit a standard 40cm x 50cm ready made frame.

Prints on canvas  from 60cm x 40cm at 110  to 90cm x 60cm  = 250

For an up to date Quote please contact Phil - indicating size, type of support  (paper or canvas) and name of painting.

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